Community Forum Event: Design Charrette

Where: Witney Lakes Resort
When: 16 May 2019 - 09:00 AM

Community Design Charrette

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) and Grosvenor Developments Ltd. are pleased to host a joint community Design Charrette as part of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds Garden Village programme of community engagement. The Charrette will take place over two days, with two public drop-in exhibitions to display the resulting work.

This event will be an opportunity for invited local stakeholders  to play an important role in shaping the key elements of the Garden Village. The outputs of the Design Charrette will support:

  • WODC to advance the Garden Village Area Action Plan which will set out the framework against which we, as Local Planning Authority, will determine Grosvenor’s Outline Planning Application for the site; and
  • Grosvenor to progress their Outline Planning Application for the Garden Village.

The Community Forum has previously explored cultural heritage, exploring the perspectives of others, inspiration from other garden communities, constraints and opportunities and student masterplans of the OCGV site. Building on this work, the Community Forum will now look forward and explore the OCGV's design in more detail.


What is a Design Charrette?

A Design Charrette is a series of intensive collaborative workshops, bringing together local knowledge from the community and design and multi-disciplinary specialists to build consensus around specific design goals and innovative and effective solutions for a project.

Some topics to be discussed during the sessions include:

  • The application of Garden Village Principles to the OCGV to shape placemaking and design 
  • How to optimise and enhance existing natural assets in the form of biodiversity and green open space
  • Considering opportunities to prioritise sustainable transport modes and healthy movement to reduce reliance on private car usage
  • Site constraints and opportunities to inform how land uses and community assets can be best located across the site

The District Council has commissioned a number of technical reports in support of the Garden Village proposal. Those that are available prior to the design charrette can be accessed by clicking the links (in blue) below:


Ecology (TACP)

Explanatory Note


Employment (Lichfields)


Level 2 SFRA (JBA)


Landscape and Heritage (LUC)

Coming soon

Green Infrastructure (LUC)

Coming soon

Infrastructure Delivery Plan (AK Urbanism)

Stage 1 Report 

Housing Strategy (ICENI)

Coming soon

Hanborough Station Study (ITP)

Coming soon

Sustainability Appraisal (LUC)

Scoping Letter - Complete

Transport (Wood)

Transport Evidence Baseline Report
























The following expert reports support Grosvenor Developments Ltd's Outline Planning Application:
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
EIA Appendices

Other Useful Documents 


About the Independent Facilitators

The whole event will be co-facilitated by Andy Cameron Associates on behalf of WODC and Kevin Murray Associates on behalf of Grosvenor.  Both ACA and KMA are experts in the field of interactive community consultation and have run numerous Design Charrettes and Enquiry by Design events working with communities across the country.


The Programme

Optional Site Visit - Wednesday 15th May 2019 (by sign-up only)
Design Charrette on Thursday 16th & Friday 17th May 2019 at Witney Lakes Resort

The wider public are invited to view the outputs from the Design Charrette and given feedback at two public exhibitions to be held at the following dates, times and locations:

Saturday 18th May 2019, Eynsham Scout Hall, 11:30 - 15:30
Tuesday 21st May - Friday 24th May 2019, WODC Elmfield Offices, Witney, 09:00 - 17:00


The Presentations

Now that the Charette is complete you can find the information presented there below.

Design Charette Introduction

Design Charette Garden Village & Placemaking Principles

Design Charette Where we are now

Design Charette Scenario Planning

Design Charette Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Design Charette Landscape, Ecology, Water and Heritage

Design Charette Transport, Energy and Housing

Design Charette Emerging Themes

Design Charette Emerging Themes (Part 2)

Design Charette Thursday and Friday Breakout Session 1 & 2

Design Charette Thursday and Friday Intro and Breakout Sessions

Design Charette Saturday Results

Example Plan 1

Example plan 1

Example Plan 2

Example Plan 2

Example Plan 3

Example Plan 3


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