Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Area Action Plan (AAP)?

It is a type of Development Plan Document providing a planning framework for a specific area of opportunity, change or conservation. Both the Council's Local Plan and Area Action Plan are statutory planning documents. The Local Plan provides for the whole of the district area. An Area Action Plan provides an additional layer of more detailed information for a smaller defined geographic focus area.

The AAP will provide a plan of action to facilitate and lead the delivery of around 2200 new homes with associated community infrastructure and transportation along with a rich and diverse natural environment that respects and interprets the local cultures and heritage. It will provide an exemplar sustainable and well-designed Garden Village that promotes people's health and well-being and provides a strategy for long term stewardship.

The AAP process is similar to the Local Plan as both are statutory documents. The AAP can be as brief or as detailed as the Local Authority considers necessary to flexibly inform and guide the outline and subsequent detailed planning applications. The Garden Village Issues Paper written in June 2018 is used to inform the AAP.

What is the community forum?

The Community Forum is a time to talk and is about


I want to be a part of the Community Forum but I haven’t attended the previous ones. Is it too late to join?

The Community Forum includes representatives from local community groups, organisations and councillors. If you are part of a local community group that has not previously attended, please get in touch with us to register for upcoming events. If you are part of a local community group or organisation that is represented at the Forum already, speak to your representative.


How can I get involved?

To participate in an upcoming forum contact

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